About Us:
Dvir Hosting is an Web hosting company. Our company offers a complete suite of professional web hosting service, domain name registration, design and development.  Dvir Hosting is where you get the best web hosting for one of the lowest prices!

Data Center - Our Data Center features multiple OC12 connections with AT&T, Qwest, and Sprint. Our precision environment and uninterruptible power supplies ensure that your site stays online. Public access to the data center is strictly prohibited and access to the data center is restricted by Biometric hand scanners to provide the tightest possible security.

Rock Solid Servers - Your account will be on a top of the line hosting server with the following minimum specs: - Pentium 4 - 2.2 GHZ - 1.5 GB RAM - 80GB Hard Drive (7200 RPM) - Hot-Swappable Drives - Apache - Red Hat 7.2 or above.

Scalability - We offer a completely scalable solution. Start with the plan that suits your current needs and upgrade as you grow. As you upgrade, there will be no downtime as we seamlessly upgrade you to the next level.

Commitment - We are committed to offering you the best services for the best prices. Each account you host with us is filled with features that other hosts charge for. We want you to be so happy with our services that you will never want to leave. So go ahead and make the change to DvirHosting.com today!

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