Web Site Design and Development:
Whether your company is just beginning to enter the Internet market and need your first web site built, or you are looking for a new company to update your current site and maintain it. Our expert advice and premium Internet services will fill your needs.

We offer a personalized custom service. Our rates are more than affordable for even the smallest business, and medium-sized businesses will find that out-sourcing their web development projects and online marketing efforts with us is much less expensive than hiring full time personnel.

The average small business web site usually ranges from $750 to $1000. Included in the web site design is the insertion of generalized meta-tags and an initial search engine submission to the top engines and link pages. Set up fees are waived on our hosting plan and our promotional packages for design clients that choose to take advantage of those services

Each web site design company has a philosophy of design that influences their work. Ours is quite simple:

  • To produce a web site that looks and feels professional. No design should be offensive in itís appearance, or look cheap.
  • Very simple and easy navigation of the web site. You should easily be able to read the web site and never feel lost while surfing through it.
  • Observe the 3 click rule whenever possible. Always attempt to present the information in a way that anyone can find what they are looking for within 3 mouse clicks from the home page.
  • Present the information in an organized manner. The layout and appearance is the most critical element in the design.
  • Use the companyís color scheme and current sales brochures to heavily influence the theme and possible layout in order to achieve a coordinated marketing approach.
  • Only as the exception, should a page take longer than 15 seconds to load. The text of the page should load first within 3 - 5 seconds, while the images fill in later - Never should you wait and wait with nothing to look at or read off the page.
  • The first purpose of a company web site is to distribute information about the company or to provide an online catalog of itís services and products. 

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